IMAN (The International Muslim Association of New Zealand) is one of the oldest Islamic organizations in New Zealand and the largest in the capital city – Wellington.

IMAN was founded on the principles of Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat and we represent the vast majority of Muslims in Wellington.

IMAN is an independent, non-profit, charitable organization and we are registered as an incorporated society in New Zealand. We are one of the founding member organisations of FIANZ.

The Formation of IMAN

The Association adopted its name during a special meeting called on 24 June 1967. The name suggested was ‘International Muslim Association of New Zealand’ (IMAN). The reason for calling it International was that its members came from many different countries, and also that Muslims from outside of Wellington could also become members as explained by Dr. Majed Khan. An important point which should be noted here is that the word “iman” is the Arabic word for faith. The international flavour was not the only factor in choosing this name as confirmed by Mr salamat Khan. The name was adopted after a voting of 32 to 5 in favour. In 1968 the constitution of IMAN was written.

From one Meeting in 1964 there were ten Meetings in 1968. The Meetings were held in various places such as the University, the library, and at people’s homes. These Meetings provided strength to the community which by now held Annual General Meetings.

Having formed IMAN, the now late Dr. Majed Khan’s private residence in Huntingdon Street in Karori became the office of IMAN, and Mr M. Hanif Ali’s Post Office Box number became IMAN’s Post Office Box number. All literature belonging to IMAN were kept in the now late Dr. Majed Khan’s office at the University.

IMAN was involved in giving lectures to colleges, schools, even Police Stations on request. IMAN was also invited to give lectures at the Department of World Religions at the Victoria University for its course on Islam.

IMAN was incorporated by the Registrar on 22 December 1969 and a certificate of Incorporation (No. W.I.S. 60/110) was issued.